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Not every technical company knows SEO and not many SEOs know technology.  SEO Hosting is a natural fit for Ultimate SEO LLC to offer.  Our main site is where we offer SEO services primarily focus on technical ranking factors.

This site operates as our technical component.  All Ultimate SEO sites are hosted through servers as well as our VPN, CDN, DNS and object oriented storage solutions.  

Our hosting services utilize WHM / cPanel, FastPanel and CyberPanel servers running either Apache or LiteSpeed web servers.  We utilize OpenVPN on our virtual private network server.  We administer client servers through Webmin or SSH connections.  

We have designed and implemented security systems that rely on various firewalls to provide near complete protection of client sites.  Our largest implemented client cloud solution maintains a 99.99% uptime. 

Additionally Ultimate SEO is a Cloudflare Certified Partner which serves as a reverse proxy server and a CDN for many of our sites as well as our clients.

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Why Do I Need An SEO Host?

You don’t.  Unless you are intending to rank well on Google.  Websites are bountiful these days, it likely took several tries before you found an available domain name.  That shows how competitive ranking a keyword is today.

Many factors go into determining your search ranking but an often neglected factor is site speed and optimization.  While you can optimize a site or a page its still going to be only as fast as your hosting plan allows.  If you’re running a slower version of PHP like many web hosts run you’re behind. 

That’s the difference Ultimate SEO Hosting brings.  We understand that PHP7.3 is 200% faster than 5.6 and that’s why its the standard in all our plans.  We’ve already tested servers against each other on various cloud providers and found the fastest options out there. 

So we’re skilled at more than hosting you  we’re actually more likely to design a solution where you can host yourself.  Dedicated cloud VPS servers on AWS, Google Cloud and Digital Ocean are our most popular “hosting” plan.  Why do for you what you can do for yourself with a little help.

Many of these elements go unnoticed by tech people and web hosts but as SEOs we know that providing WordPress with a separate database server is the way to help your ranking efforts and it may cost as little as $5 more per month.  If you’re an enterprise that makes crazy since.

We’re a Cloudflare Certified Partner and provide Cloudflare’s CDN technology integrated with your hosting environment.

We offer hosting on our servers, management and design for your own cloud servers and consulting to help identify the quickest load times for your sites pages. 

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During Stay-At-Home orders following the emergence of the COVID-19 Pandemic we put up a server backup of our 2010 Minecraft server which is open to anyone for play on port 25565 on 

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