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Free SEO Audit Tool - Custom Results In A Minute, Includes Moz Domain Authority
Make An Impact SEO

A Second Audit Tool - Its good to get a second opinion.

We often collect similar data on the same pages through multiple vendors to ensure we get the strongest outlook on a site’s SEO potential.  You can use this tool for another set of eyes, while still getting an instant free audit.  That blue banner with a yellow section is offering you a second auditor, not the same one as you saw at the top of the page.  Confusing?  It’s free so just use it.

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Ultimate SEO is the extension of Matthew Leffler’s SEO work over the last year to offering SEO guidance directly.  I continue to work with clients through Upwork were I’ve earned “Top Rated” status with 100% job success in less than a year. 

Backlink Building Campaigns
Worked in Shopify, Wix, HTML and WordPress
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