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Free SEO Audit Tool - Custom Results In A Minute, Includes Moz Domain Authority

Ultimate Free SEO Tool

We're excited to offer a totally free SEO tool that does what a lot of paid SEO tools only do. Specifically track and save the keywords you decide to follow on your domain and competitors sites completely free. We think it is ultimately one of the BEST free tools around.

Ultimate Free SEO Tool

  • Keyword Position Tracking
  • Backlink Review
  • Domain Analysis
  • Malware Scan
  • Code Minifier
  • Index Visibility
  • Adwords Scraper
  • Site Health Audit

Use Search Operators

You can use Google Search as a free tool. Search " " and see how many pages Google has indexed from your site. Or if you have a keyword you're trying to rank add the keyword. " Widgets " the results will let you know what pages Google has associated with that keyword.

More SEO Tools

The following tools are hosted locally on this site.

Google's Free Tools

Everyone should be using two Google tools designed for very different uses. 1. Google Analytics 2. Google Search Console They are not the same and you need both. Plus they're both free so, just do it.

Search Console
Keywords From Google

Free Keywords For Your Site

You can use Google Search as a free keyword tool. If your keyword is "seo tools" type into the search box and stop half way, Google will suggest relevant high traffic searches similar to what your typing. You get up to 8 suggestions a search easily bulking up keywords. Google Search Console is another great source. It shows what searches Google displayed your site for ... often you'll find keywords you hadn't expected. You can use those already established keywords and build content around them.

Make An Impact SEO
SEO Panel

SEO PANEL Free Account

A Second Audit Tool - Its good to get a second opinion.

We often collect similar data on the same pages through multiple vendors to ensure we get the strongest outlook on a site’s SEO potential.  You can use this tool for another set of eyes, while still getting an instant free audit.  That blue banner with a yellow section is offering you a second auditor, not the same one as you saw at the top of the page.  Confusing?  It’s free so just use it.

Search Engine Optimization

SEO Strategy

Web Analytics

Link Building

Link Building

Position Ranking

SERP Position Ranking


Social Media Marketing

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Upwork SEO Experience

Experienced And Proven Upwork Freelancer

Ultimate SEO is the extension of Matthew Leffler’s SEO work over the last year to offering SEO guidance directly.  I continue to work with clients through Upwork were I’ve earned “Top Rated” status with 100% job success in less than a year. 

Backlink Building Campaigns
Worked in Shopify, Wix, HTML and WordPress

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