Cloud VPS

Cloud And Virtual Private Servers

Having a physical server used to be smart, today is all about the cloud.

"Why not be your own web host if its as easy as a utility bill?"

The Cloud brings top notch data centers to everyone

It used to be difficult to have and maintain a dedicated server. You had to keep on staff a whole data operations team and network engineer staff all while renting space.  That space had to have backup electricity, be monitored for temperature, moisture, exposure and be secure.

Dedicated physical servers were an expensive element of a company’s bling. Today’s corporate data centers are a sign of the past. Cloud infrastructure is more reliable and offers better performance than what a single organization can offer unless its sole purppose is infrastructure because several companies have risen to offer just that.

AWS or Amazon Web Services is the undisputed leader in cloud infrastructure.  Its also complicated and comes with an  unfriendly interface.

Google Cloud Platform is a newer option in Cloud Infrastructure and is easier to manipulate than AWS. Its also restricted with blanket rules preventing normal functionality on servers like SMTP.

Digital Ocean offers the easiest, cheapest and least restricted environment and is the Ultimate SEO cloud of choice.

Ultimate SEO has maintained and operated servers on all three platforms and provides server maintenance and design on any of the three.