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cPanel fails to offer complete solution

cPanel License Changes Are Complicated, Expensive and Useless

cPanel/WHM announced a change to their pricing for server licenses. In the opinion of Ultimate SEO Hosting these are needlessly greedy, overly complex, extremely expensive and offer no additional features or usefulness for customers.

cPanel/WHM Servers Change Pricing

What used to be a simple cost per server has now become a complex cost per server per account on that server. Ultimate SEO generally caps its servers at 2 CPUs and 4 GB Ram which on Digital Ocean cost approximately $20 a month. To increase capacity higher than this the overall cost per CPU/GB increases…and the more domains per server the more attempts at security breaches and the more opportunity for the server to be compromised. Further if one account becomes compromised then the whole server could be in jeopardy and all accounts on it are negatively affected by performance degradation.

The new licensing offered by cPanel will force hosting companies to put more eggs in the same basket and cause the over all segmentation of their hosting environment to decrease putting more accounts into the same vulnerable blocks. This is not good for customers, not good for web hosts but likely fine for cPanel as they will receive almost twice as much revenue per server.

New Account Pricing Structure for cPanel/WHM server’s licensing

cPanel Costs Increase 271%

How greedy is this change in licensing? To provide a glimpse our current licensing costs are $71.75 per month for 5 servers through one license reseller. After the new license costs kick in during mid-September to $195.00. Thats not a change in any features or improvement to the servers themselves its just the licensing for cPanel/WHM. It represents an increase in web host fees of 271%. The only other industry that pulls off increases with no additional benefit are pharmaceutical companies.

cPanel/WHM will find that their overall servers licensed will decrease and thats likely part of their plan. Cloud computing has opened the door to allow almost anyone to have their own server and at 14.99 volume licensing allows the licensing of many micro-server environments. Unfortunately that accessibility to the masses means they likely have to support their servers with less than qualified administrators.

By increasing the license fees associated their support will have less servers to support. Of course, each server itself will have more accounts likely now so their efforts to make hosting less accessible may be a lost cause that only means more hosted accounts will feel the affects of issues caused by a single user.

cPanel/WHM Isn’t All That

If you run a cPanel server you’ll quickly find they are inefficient and lack suitable security measures without additional add ons. Good luck trying to monitor the server without additional add ons. These are addressed by Cloudlinux, Imunify 360, LiteSpeed Web Server, CFS and WHM Ultimate or WHMxtra. But these all cost more on their own usually and as add ons are not supported by cPanel.

You would think a web host admin panel would include a means of automated account creation but you’d be wrong with cPanel relying heavily on WHMCS for that automation.

Ultimate SEO Hosting Absorbs Cost Increase

These factors together have us now exploring new cPanel alternatives. We will be combining servers and accounts to decrease the overall number of accounts on our servers. Through these time consuming cost saving measures we hope to absorb all new costs and therefore offering the same free hosting to our clients domains for the first 6 months as well as the cheap micro hosting plans offered for SEO PBN sites.