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Just today I received a long email complimenting me on the site (which one I dont know) but they always conclude with a suggested mention of site and its article on the matter.  And I appreciate those and do feel that the value of this site increases with the more diverse information.  But its diverse information that adds value, me going into an existing article to add a competing link is not really provided a diverse view of the subject just an additional exit page from this site.

Theres actually a lot of these messages that filter in throughout the week. If I spend the time to add the links where they want it would probably consume half a day read messages, finding article, review their link, add it to mine and now to the next.  Its also questionable how long that material is going to be up before the ir site changes or goes and the link becomes just a redirect and I have no idea what the target is too.

So a way to help increase my site’s content and diversity of opinions I have this site.  If you want to do a guest post on any Ultimate SEO site then this is the way to do it.  With your own content that may include a link or two you can submit it through this site.  I can then review the content in one place and approve it or not.  When approved it will feed to:

UltimateSEO Guest Posts,, and finally a network of over a 100 other sites.  So its worth it to you and to me because I get diverse content.

Just follow our submission guidelines and once you’re article is reviewed you’re live.

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