If you spend any time thinking about your site's SEO presence or wonder why you can't reach the top spot of a keyword you've optimized for ... you may need to consider your hosting.  Technical SEO has increasingly become a substantial part of Google's ranking. 

Why rank a site well if it doesn't perform well?  Google expects the exceptional from top rated sites, including their web infrastructure.

Set Your SEO Up For Success From The Start

Your web host may be shutting your ranking down.  Heres how...


Google expects sites to load in less than 3 seconds.  If your host takes a couple seconds to respond to users ... you're already maxed out.                        


If your hosted server gets hacked and Google recognizes malware or viruses it can delist your site to protect searchers.  SSL certificates add to your rankability.


Many sites use WordPress, which relies on PHP.  Does your host currently support the fastest version?  Many don't to ensure compatibility with old user sites but that comes at the cost of your site.


If you share an IP address with other sites hosted by the same provider, your trust can be as good as the worst of those sites.  "Being in a bad neighborhood"

Extrodinary SEO Begins With Hosting

Your site is graded on over 200 factors, each of these changes from time to time but "user experience" is by far the heaviest group of factors.  Page load speed, Javascript, Sitemaps, AMP, GZip Compression ... all of these hurt and help ranking, but does your host know that?

Ultimate SEO has offered SEO consulting since 2018 and now offers the best hosting infrastructure for SEO.  You can be a hosting customer and not a consulting client. We let you decide how involved you want us.

Shared Hosting, Virtual Private Servers and Dedicated Servers are just the beginning of the solutions we offer for about the same price as a budget hosting account but with your SEO in mind.

Diverse Hosting For Every Need

Just Some of the feature rich options to rank your site:

cPanel Servers - As low as $4.99 /month

Shared hosting accounts are the most popular web hosting package and come with budget minded pricing  We use cPanel, an industry standard for more than two decades.  Its well supported, well known and very  We natively support PHP8.0, MariaDB, Apache and more.  Our PHP extensions include almost any that your site would need.

Fiber Optic Connections - Included

We're connected using fiber optic business connections and have IP addresses available for clients.  We also do not bill you for bandwidth like other hosts.   

UNLIMITED BANDWIDTH - must be web traffic

Dedicated Physical Servers - as low as $49 /month

Dedicated Servers are physical servers that we maintain but you have complete control over.  Our professional data center uses HP Proliant servers, which can be rented by clients with any specific configuration needs.  These are then managed physically by use but can be administered by your team. 

Softaculous - WordPress - Included

All of your software needs are right at hand with the over 300 applications available to you on cPanel servers at no additional cost.  Quick install WordPress and many other applications.

VPS Servers - as low as $5 /month

Virtual Private Servers can be utilized on several platforms including VMWare, Xen-Server, VirtualMin and Cloudron.   We can match you with the right platform or if you already know one over the others we likely offer it.

Cloudflare and BitNinja - Security - Included

Security is a serious subject and we utilize two serious contenders in web site security.  As a Cloudflare Partner all accounts can use their services for free and they are integrated directly into our servers. 

1. Why Webflow Fails At SEO                                 

Webflow simplifies websites by removing customization and Technical SEO to deliver a site building experience anyone can use. But if anyone can build a site ... what is left to make it extraordinary? The simplified building process dumbs down the tools. Who gets the top results on Google, not a site designed for the novice hobbyist.  Plus 

2. Why Wix Is Bad SEO                                 

Wix is similar to Webflow and it too removes options from your site to make it easy to use.  But, like Webflow ... thats not going to rank your site above someone who actually has those added options.

3. Why We're Better Than AWS For SEO                                 

There is Wix and Webflow ... and then there is AWS.  Easy and dumbed down ... vs. overly complicated and needlessly lost in the woods.  Thats AWS ... heck they offer an excel spreadsheet calulator to figure out how much your monthly bill is .... if I need a spreadsheet to know the cost of a product... its too complicated.

4. Why We Beat Digital Ocean At SEO                                 

This is hard for me, because for years Ultimate SEO pointed clients to Digital Ocean for their hosting services.  That ended this year, when I learned a hard drive went out on a client server and that server backed up to Digital Ocean.  They had deleted that data three days beforehand ... and referred the customer to their Terms of Service.  Which notes ... Digital Ocean is not responsible for your data even if they delete it in their own error.  They warranty nothing.  They go so far as to tell you if you purchase their backup should use something else too. "DigitalOcean does not promise to retain any preservations or backups of your Services Content. You are solely responsible for the integrity, preservation and backup of your Services Content, regardless of whether your use of Services includes a DigitalOcean backup feature or functionality, and to the fullest extent permitted by law, DigitalOcean shall have no liability for any data loss, unavailability, or other consequences related to the foregoing."
We will retain your backups if you use our backup services.  That should be a given.  

5. Why We Do SEO Better Than Godaddy                                 

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6. We're SEO Hosting Professionals 

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