UltimateCDN.com Test CDN Live

At this time the first of two test CDN solutions is live and operating using network.ultimatecdn.com

Ultimate SEO has provided multiple articles concerning page speed and the effects of a CDN solution on page load times. UltimateCDN.com is the project site for Ultimate SEO’s project to build and test multiple CDN solutions that offer custom subdomain end points.

These not only bring static files closer to your global traffic by spreading files out on a global network but allow a shared object oriented storage solution to multiple sites.

Network.UltimateCDN.com is the first of these test solutions to be built. It utilizes DigitalOcean’s Spaces CDN which is an S3 compatible solution.

Namecheap.com also offers a beta CDN solution called Supersonic CDN. This will be the second CDN service we’ll setup using ultimateseo.host as the domain.

We do plan to test AWS’s CDN solution as well as Google Cloud in future implementations.